Lose to gain

We all experienced loss in life- money, time, health or loved one. The loss taught us to appreciate more.

I had very long and complicated flu when I was in Egypt. The trip was 15 days and I had flu throughout the journey. The lowest point during the trip was when we had a big expensive seafood meal. Others were enjoying the taste while my taste buds was numb and lazy even though my flu had slowly resolved.  All i did was swallowing in order to survive. I was completely frustrated. When i came back to Dublin, amazingly I enjoyed every single food, no comment walaupun tak sedap.

It is the same when I break my fast.

it is the same when I unexpectedly encounter my long lost friend.

It is the same when I have leisure time after  finishing exam.

No words can explain the pleasure of gaining something after losing it.

Thus, when we lost something, smile and just wait for the pleasure we gonna get soon.


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